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Sacred Geometric Tattoos a Booming Style

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Getting a tattoo is a lifelong decision, that’s why we can’t tattoo the first thing that comes our way. It is necessary to think very well about what to get, this should be a tattoo with meaning, that is aesthetically interesting and above all that connects with what you love.

Fortunately, in the tattoo world there are a lot of tattoo styles, but there is one that is becoming more and more popular. This is the Sacred Geometric Tattoos which is a developing trend and the best thing is that it looks great plus it is timeless. So if you get one of these tattoos today, in 20 years it will still be stylish.

You probably don’t know much about this tattoo style. But don’t worry, because below we will review everything you need to know. From one of the best artists you can find, to the tattoo styles in this theme so you can find some inspiration to make your own.

What are Sacred Geometric Tattoos?

Outline black mandala tattoo on the right elbow
Outline black mandala tattoo on the right elbow.

The popularity of sacred geometric tattoos has been exponential in recent years. It is a quite striking type of design, which is full of symbolism and connects with the universe, energies and are always full of history. They are also aesthetically wonderful because of the technique used.

Now, when we talk about sacred geometry, we can say that it is an ancient system of symbols and patterns based on geometry. Each of these figures has a meaning that is connected with the spiritual and mystical and we can see them in different artistic representations around the world.

And what tattoo artists do is to bring this ancestral symbology to the skin, in a design that is aesthetically interesting, that is full of meaning and that is used as a form of expression.

Who is the best tattoo artist in Sacred Geometric?

Sacred geometry negative space circular tattoo
Sacred geometry negative space circular tattoo

There are many tattoo artists around the world, but not everyone can do a good geometric tattoo. This is a technique that needs a lot of experience, and if we talk about sacred geometry tattoo artist, one of the greatest exponents today is Jean Marco Cicolini.

This is a tattoo artist from Dallas, Texas who specializes in tattoo styles such as Dorwork, mandalas and of course those inspired by sacred geometry. He understands perfectly the meanings of tattoos, how they connect with the self, so he can make a real work of art.

And now that geometric tattoos have become a trend, he often mixes them with Dotwork tattoos to create unique pieces. Each tattoo made by him is completely different from the previous one. No two pieces are the same, plus he always goes for minimalism and very clean lines.

Although he is regularly tattooing in Dallas Texas, he is also a guest at tattoo studios in other parts of the United States. He is often seen in New Jersey, Chicago Illinois, New York City, San Diego California and Miami Florida.

Best options for geometric tattoos

If you like this kind of tattoos and you are considering getting one, you should think about it very well. Remember that there is a lot of symbology behind sacred geometry tattoos and you can find a lot of inspiration in different places. So if you haven’t decided yet, here are some of the most used styles.

Flower of life

Simple black flower of life tattoo on the left inner arm
Simple black flower of life tattoo on the left inner arm

For those who still don’t know what to get, the flower of life is an excellent option. It is a widely used geometric tattoo, but with a good tattoo artist you can find a unique design. Its origin dates back to Ancient Egypt and its meaning is very broad. It is based on birth, development, the body and of course the environment.

Metatron Cube

If the flower of life seems too common to you, you will like the metatron cube. This is a figure made up of lines and circles that form a visually homogeneous structure. Its meaning is quite related to the religious and is directly connected with the archangel, which is the angel of life.


This figure is very particular because it is made with two tetrahedra. One of them points to the top, and the other to the bottom, thus creating a star. The origin of this figure is Hebrew and is based on attunement, consciousness, spirituality and light. But above all in the trinity of the feminine, masculine and power.


Ouroboros mandala tattoo
Ouroboros mandala tattoo

Of all the geometric tattoos that exist, mandalas are one of the most popular. Its geometric shapes are basic, and are based on triangles, squares, and their organization is circular. Mandalas represent the universe, and it is a very powerful expression of spirituality and creativity.

Fibonacci Spiral

The Fibonacci spiral is represented in different ways, and this is what makes it interesting. One of the most common is the snail shell. This is a spiral representation that has its basis in mathematics, numerics and logic. Doing it is not easy, so you need the experience of a tattoo artist with a lot of time in this type of tattoos.