Watercolor Orion Constellation Tattoo

Orion Constellation Tattoo

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Orion constellation tattoo as any other constellation tattoo is a perfect choice for a minimal tattoo. Orion is the 26th largest bright constellation and is located on the two sides of the heavenly equator. It is best known for its three stars in one row. It is one of the most romantic objects of the northern sky.

Orion Constellation Tattoo On Arm
Orion constellation tattoo on inner arm. Artist: Ben Volt. Source.
Orion Constellation Tattoo on Calf
Minimal Orion constellation tattoo. Artist unknown. Source.
Orion Tattoo
Orion tattoo on wrist. Artist unknown. Source.
Watercolor Orion Constellation Tattoo
Another beautiful example of Orion constellation mixed with watercolor. Artist unknown. Source

Orion Constellation in mythology

On the Greek mythology, the Orion was a son of the Poseidon and Euryale. He was a giant and could walk through the sea because his head was above it.

Many scientists believe that Orion’s name came from word “Uru-Anna” (the light of the heaven). Over the time, the name transformed into “Aryan” (the name of the ancient Persians) and then finally to Orion.

Some people point to connections between the Orion constellation and the arrangement of Egyptian pyramids. It seems like an entirely possible thing because the Egyptians paid a lot of attention to the stars. They also believed that Osiris and the pharaohs enter the Orion Constellation after death.

Orion Constellation Tattoo On Arm
Minimal Orion Constellation Tattoo On Arm. Artist unknown. Source.
Orion Constellation Tattoo On Belly
Tiny Orion Constellation Tattoo On Belly. Artist unknown. Source.
Orion Tattoo By Jonboytattoo
Another Orion tattoo on the belly. Artist JonBoyTattoo. Source.
Watercolor Orion Constellation Tattoo On Arm
Watercolor Orion Constellation tattoo on inner forearm. Artist unknown. Source.

The Greeks saw the Orion as a hunter, while the Egyptians praised it as Osiris. On the other side of the world, the Indians of Nebraska called it Kaomi the king. The Babylonians worshiped Orion as a God that created the gemstones.

According to the Greek myths, Artemis fell in love with the Orion. But his brother became jealous of their love and sent a scorpion to kill the Orion.

Orion Constellation Tattoo placement

As you see, you can either have a small or a bigger version of Orion tattoo. So, the placement depends on the size of your tattoo. If you’d like a tiny Orion tattoo, a beautiful place for it could be the wrist or the belly. And if you’re thinking of a slightly bigger piece a possible placement could be a forearm

Orion Constellation Tattoo
Another small Orion tattoo on the wrist. Artist unknown. Source.
Orion Tattoo On a forearm
Orion tattoo in a circle on the forearm. Artist unknown. Source.
Orion Tattoo by Jarvis Hinson
Orion Tattoo on the forearm. Artist Jarvis Hinson. Source.
Orion constellation watercolor tattoo by Noelle LaMonica
Another watercolor Orion constellation tattoo on the arm. Artist Noelle LaMonica. Source.
Orion and watercolor nebula tattoo by Em Becker
Orion and watercolor nebula tattoo on the side. Artist Em Becker. Source.
Beautiful Orion Constellation Tattoo On Chest
Beautiful Orion constellation tattoo on the chest with the nebula in the background. Artist unknown. Source.

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