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Ohana Tattoo: 20 Cool Ohana Tattoo Ideas

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Ohana tattoo is a quite popular tattoo trend. Though it’s not one of the most popular Disney tattoos, it still got a lot of attention after the movie Lilo & Stitch came out in 2002. Overall, it’s a pretty neat tattoo design for both guys and girls.

Small Ohana on collarbone
Small Ohana on the collarbone. Source.
Lovely and subtle ohana with a heart tattoo
Lovely and subtle ohana with a heart tattoo. Source.
Ohana with the anchor
An excellent example of Ohana with the anchor. Source.
Ohana with Hibiscus flower
Beautiful Ohana tattoo with Hibiscus flower. Source.
Ohana and a flower
Gorgeous tattoo of ‘Ohana’ and a flower. Source.
Absolutely wonderful ohana tat on the rib
Another beautiful ohana tat on the rib. Source.
Anchor ohana and heart tattoo
Anchor ohana and a heart tattoo. Source

Ohana Tattoo Meaning

First of all,  the word ‘ohana’ comes from Hawaiian culture, where it means family. It also describes close relatives, siblings, and friends. This word emphasizes that the family has a strong connection and that the members of the family should always stay together and help each other.

Ohana tattoo has a meaning of solidarity, fellowship, and honesty. It describes how the members of your family will always be with you. They will support you in many ways and help you to achieve your dreams unconditionally and won’t ask anything in return.

Ohana tattoo is a beautiful way to express your gratitude for your family or friends. It is a reminder that even in the darkest hour they will be together with you no matter what.

Arrow, infinity ring and ohana matching tattoo
Arrow, infinity ring and ohana matching tattoo idea. Source.
Fingers ohana tattoos
Matching ohana tattoos on fingers. Source.

So, an ohana tattoo is a great way to remind yourself of the most loved ones. It is a symbol that you will always carry with yourself. Think about what family means to you and how would you like to express your feelings for them? Ohana is a beautiful word, and there’s a lot of meaning in it. You don’t even need anything else.

Or if you want, you can combine the word ‘ohana’ with a small tattoo of arrow, heart, infinity sign or a flower. In this way, your tattoo will have even more meaning. For example, an ohana tattoo combined with an infinity sign would emphasize the life-long connection between you and your closest relatives.

Gorgeous Ohana tat on the back of the neck
Gorgeous Ohana tat on the back of the neck. Source.
Minimal ohana and a flower tattoo
Minimal ohana and a flower tattoo on the arm. Source.
Ohana feet tattoo with a small wave
Ohana feet tattoo with a small wave. Source.
Ohana with a feather
Together with a feather, this ohana tat looks amazing on the forearm. Source.

Ohana Tattoo Placement

As this is a word tattoo, there are many options for its placement.  The most favorite body parts of any word tattoo are wrists, forearms, ankles, ribs, and chest. Since this is a one-word tattoo, you shouldn’t limit yourself with these placements.


Simple and lovely ohana word on the rib
Lovely ohana word tattoo on the rib. Source.
Small ohana on the inner wrist
Another tiny ohana word tattoo on the wrist. Source.



Small Stitch tattoo
Small Stitch tattoo from “Lilo & Stitch” – a reminder of a family connection. Source.

The best way to express this tattoo is to get a matching tattoo with your family members. For example, the same tat for you and your sister. Or three ohana tattoos for three brothers. Maybe the whole family can ink a small word on their body as a reminder of how deeply they are connected.

Tattoo for sisters
Tattoo for sisters. Source.
Sisters tattoo idea - ohana on the wrist
Sisters tattoo idea – ohana on the wrist. Source.
Simple matching ohanas
Simple matching ohanas on inner arms. Source.
Matching sisters ohana tattoo with a tiny heart
Matching sisters ohana tattoo with a tiny heart. Source.
Matching ohana family tattoo on shoulder
Tattoo idea for brothers – matching Ohana on the shoulder. Source.
Matching brother and sister ohana tattoo
A tattoo idea for brother and sister – matching ohana tattoo on the arm. Source.

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