Traditional style anubis tattoo on the leg

Anubis Tattoo Ideas That Will Change Your Perception Of Death

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Anubis tattoo is not only a beautiful design but also is a significant symbol. Of course, of all the Egyptian-themed tattoos, it isn’t the most popular choice. But it has a beautiful history and carries a lot of power with it. So, let’s take a look at this mysterious Egyptian god.  If you already know about him, scroll down to our image gallery below. We are sure you’ll be surprised by our selection of the best tattoos.

Anubis head tattoo on the forearm
Anubis head tattoo on the forearm

Anubis tattoo meaning

He is the ancient Egyptian god of death with a head of a dog and a body of a human. His primary roles were to protect the tombs and cemeteries and to guide the dead into the afterlife. In the ‘Book of the Dead,’ we can find an image, where Anubis also is a guardian of the scales. In this particular scene, he is weighing a human heart. He later decides whether that person can or cannot enter the realm of the dead. Anubis was a very important god in ancient Egypt since the highest award for the Egyptians was to get into the underworld.

This egyptian style anubis on the calf
This Egyptian style Anubis on the calf

Another interesting fact is that often people mistakenly understand his black head, believing that he represents the mourning. In many cultures, when a person passes away, there’s a tradition for the closest relatives or friends to dress in black clothes. It symbolizes the mourning and the respect for that person. But for Egyptians, black color was a symbol of rebirth and fertility. That’s why Anubis’ head is black-colored.

Black squatting anubis
Black squatting Anubis

So as you can see, the primary meaning of Anubis tattoo is death and everything related to it. It can be a great way to remember a friend or a family member that has passed away. Also, it may give you a calming feeling that he is going to take care and guide him or her into the afterlife. Another symbol of Anubis is the rebirth and fertility. So, when a person dies, his or her life doesn’t end. We all pass to another realm or another dimension. So, if you’re afraid of the death, it may be a great reminder that your life goes on no matter what.

Black anubis tattoo on the arm
Black Anubis tattoo on the arm

Religious perception of Anubis tattoo

Another, a less popular idea of Anubis is the spiritual and self-motivation concept. As in any other religion, the ancient Egyptians believed in the afterlife. The primary purpose of any faith is the ability to live after you pass away. It also helps you live this life. For many people, knowing the fact that someone watches and takes care of them is a perfect motivation to live.

Deciding whether to let the person in
Deciding whether to let the person in

This intense feeling helps many people to get through the harshest conditions. From the history, we know that faith helped thousands of people to believe in life, to survive and to maintain the humanity no matter what. So, it is not only a symbol of the afterlife but also motivates you to live a better life down here.

Monocrhome anubis tattoo on the forearm
Monochrome Anubis tattoo on the forearm

For many people, this helps to achieve things in their lives. No matter if you’re an atheist, you will probably agree that if something inspires you to change, to be a better person and to love more – it’s a beautiful thing.  So, get Anubis as a motivation to live a better life and to do more beautiful things to the people around you.

Guide my heart
Guide my heart

Anubis tattoo as a symbol of the dog

It is another beautiful side of this majestic god. Many people who choose to get this tattoo on their bodies are the dog owners. And that’s for the obvious fact of his dog head. It can represent your relationship with your pet and even strengthen the bond between you. Also, if for some reason you can’t have a dog at this moment, tattoo of an Anubis may symbolize your wish and your love for the dogs.

Anubis head tattoo on the back of the right arm
Anubis head tattoo on the back of the right arm

Like Anubis, so as your dog is protecting you. He is guarding you even when you sleep. Because of this, Egyptians choose the dog head to be its central symbol. They knew that only this animal could be so loyal and it would guard his master no matter what. So, this link between the dog and Anubis is another fantastic reason to get it. Some people even believe that when your dog passes away, he’s then patiently waiting for you.

Traditional style anubis head
Traditional style Anubis head

Since Anubis is the god of Death, the dog owners may also choose it as their pet passes away. It may be a great way to express how deeply you loved your best friend. Also, after losing someone close, there’s always this feeling that maybe something terrible can happen to him or her. So, an Anubis tattoo may be a reminder to you that everything’s going to be okay. He is going to guide your family member, friend or even your dog into the underworld.

Neo traditional black anubis head tattoo
Neo-traditional black Anubis head tattoo

Anubis tattoo ideas

If you’re still not sure about getting this tattoo, we have gathered a collection just for you! As always, there are numerous options, and you can combine it with other symbols. But, we recommend small and delicate tattoo ideas. A little tattoo of Anubis head will look perfect on your thigh, back, chest or arm. It is a design that is suitable for both men and women, so there’s no difference in what style it will be. To make your statement even more clear, you can get a phrase alongside your tattoo.

Black anubis tattoo and ankh symbol on the palm
Black Anubis tattoo and Ankh symbol on the palm
Dotwork style anubis in a rhombus tattoo
Dot-work style Anubis in a rhombus tattoo
Anubis in the hieroglyphic background
Anubis in the hieroglyphic background
Together with his scales
Together with his scales
This beautiful monochrome piece on the inner forearm
This beautiful monochrome piece on the inner forearm
Realistic piece
Another realistic piece
Dotwork tattoo of ankh, eye of horus and anubis
Ankh, Eye of Horus and Anubis
Anubis with forget me nots and eye of the horus
Anubis with three Forget-me-nots and eye of the Horus
This excellent blackwork tattoo on the back
This excellent blackwork tattoo on the back
Anubis eye of horus and skull tattoo
Anubis, the eye of Horus, and skull tattoo
Anubis together with maat
Anubis together with Maat
Traditional style anubis tattoo on the leg
Traditional style Anubis tattoo on the leg
Detailed anubis tattoo on the right arm
Detailed Anubis tattoo on the right arm
Awesome piece of anubis weighing the heart
Impressive piece of Anubis weighing the heart
Traditional colored anubis on the right upper arm
Another old-school tattoo of Anubis on the right upper arm
Small black anubis on the arm
Small black Anubis on the arm
Head of anubis
Head of Anubis
Egyptian style anubis tattoo
Egyptian style Anubis tattoo
Detailed piece on the right calf
A detailed piece on the right calf
Little and black anubis
Little and black Anubis
Outline anubis tattoo on the leg
Outline Anubis tattoo on the leg
Black and red head
Black and red
Another head with cosmic background
Another head with a cosmic background